Notes to OP Financial Group Financial Statements



The Wealth Management segment includes products and services in the field of insurance saving, personal risk insurance, mutual funds and discretionary and advisory mandates. Wealth Management business consists of the Group's life insurance, asset management and fund management companies.


The key risks associated with Wealth Management are the market risks of investment assets, the interest rate used for the discounting of insurance liabilities, the faster-than- expected life expectancy increase and operational and compliance risks associated with wealth management products and processes.


Note 107. Assets managed by Wealth Management


Assets managed by Wealth Management totalled EUR 61.3 billion on 31 December 2014. Mutual funds account for EUR 17.5 billion of these assets, unit-linked life policies for EUR 7.6 billion, institutional clients for EUR 23.5 billion and private banking clients for EUR 12.8 billion.